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make vs buy: juice

  • 2 large beets: $2.00
  • 1 lemon: $0.33 (use to taste at the end! I used 3/4 a lemon, peeled)
  • a small piece of ginger: $0.30
  • 5 loose carrots: $1.37
  • 3 large Rome apples: $3.26

TOTAL: $7.26

Have you made juice? I worked at this juice bar (not a strip club, no) with a giant industrial juicer and multiple blenders, but this was my first time doing it at home. It had almost as intense of a prep/cleanup as the dreaded/delicious eggplant parm I like making. Just less, you know, hot oil and oven stuff.

This $7.26 fruit/veggie haul made me about 32oz of juice. Considering the fact that this produce isn’t organic, and most organic juice places charge $6-9 for 16-24oz juice, my results aren’t that impressive. Regardless of the definitive “buy” as my conclusion (again), this was a really fun day-off morning activity that I’d highly recommend and plan to do again. Also, there is no where to buy fresh juice in my neighborhood so I’m working with what I got. And what I got is FOOD BAZAAR.

Note: In a larger, more time-consuming batch, I’m sure this would have more cost-effective results.


Don’t forget to read this classic “make vs buy” piece by Jen Holder and myself, in which we discuss orange juice and other things.

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