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How To Stay In Love on BROKELYN


Today I got to write a special Valentine’s piece for one of my favorite blogs in the whole world- Brokelyn! I hope you all enjoy it - and please, do leave suggestions in the comments box after the article. We’ve only been together seven years, and there’s still so much I need to learn about being a great wife.

And on that note……………..

Happy Valentine’s Day to my husband, Matt Robicelli. Matt, I have hated Valentine’s Day for every year of my life. I was always the girl who never got sent flowers, never had secret admirers, never found notes in her locker. It took me 24 years to find the man who would make every day for the rest of my life feel like Valentine’s Day. 

Every year I usually buy you a card, but it never feels like enough. I might not have a mountaintop to stand on top of to scream it from, but on our blog, in front of all our tens of thousands of followers should work:

I Love You Matt

For the past seven years, every second I have been with you has been the greatest moment of my life. You’ve given me two perfect kids, believed in me and my dreams, pushed me, challenged me, and made me better in every imaginable way. I am, and always will be, the luckiest woman alive because I get to be married to you: the most perfect man on earth. Thank you for loving me.

Now back to everyone else- once you’re done reading that and throwing up, you should go get some baked goods so you get something back into your system. Red Hook Lobster Pound is giving away free Strawberry Champagne whoopie pies which will forever change your feelings about Valentine’s Day - and scroll down to yesterdays post and find all the places where you can get your cupcakes, whoopies and brownies to celebrate today!

Read about the Robicelli’s tips on broke love, only on brokelyn.

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