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Brokelyn deleted scenes: AmeriCan debate edition

At Brokelyn, we work hard to bring you the best possible content related to your grumbling stomach and search for a good time. Of course, hard work can be fun if you do what you love, and since we all love drinking, our recent AmeriCan debate was the most fun any of us had doing journalism since Tim toured that slaughterhouse. The pictures, taken by our own Rachel DeLetto, accompanying the story don’t tell the whole story, so here are a few more.

Just a couple bros, hanging out on a Brooklyn rooftop with a gorgeous sunset behind them. This is maybe the most zeitgeist-y photo I’ve ever been a part of.

Conal, gazing onto the horizon, the absolute personification of manifest destiny. They had AmeriCans in the 1840s, right?

I, on the other hand, had a little bit of trouble with the AmeriChair and ended up spilling beer all over myself. As you can see, it was very troubling to me.

"Some purists will tell you the American flag doesn’t contain the word Budweiser.’ But you know, if they run this up the flagpole, I’ll salute." -Conal Darcy.

"Look angry at each other," was the direction we got for this picture. The best I could conjure up was being annoyed that I actually had to hold the can in such a way that prevented me from drinking from it. I think Conal was just upset because he knew he was going to get slaughtered in the debate.

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