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  • Kimchi & Blue dress: Urban Outfitters, $69
  • 'laundry' by Shelli Segal coat: thrifted in Bushwick, $10
  • BC ‘Gamma Ray’ clogs: on sale at MiniMarket in Williamsburg, $50
  • grey bowler hat: on sale at LF in Cobble Hill, $8
  • opaque HUE tights: gift, but probably $8
  • OCC Lip Tar: free from my roommate, via a fashion week goodie bag

Yes, it’s that time of week again. Where I share with you my outfit and tell you how much everything cost. At a glance, you may think this look isn’t too ‘broke’ - I mean, $69 is pretty steep for someone with almost no money in their bank account… right?

Sometimes, you gotta shop quality. Again, you might now be thinking “Urban Outfitters, really?” We place so much focus on the little black dress that I think the little black DAY dress can fall by the wayside. I’ve worn this thing approximately 1 billion times in the last year, give or take, so the cost per wear is low. It’s science.

Same goes for the shoes. I’ve worn them to death over the last year and a half I’ve owned them. I recommend catching the sales at LF and MiniMarket because they have some serious deals for those who normally are of the Salvation Army contingent.

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